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Thursday, October 1, 2020

How to Combat the cabal's DEGENERATE Human "Sheep" Shield!



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Post UPDATED: 11/12/2020


It is time that we REMOVE the lid on this false matrix and allow the universe to properly consequence those doing evil. The sheep ARE cabal; they ALWAYS were. Just look at any one of these degenerate animals walking around with a mask for a pandemic that doesn't exist (not that it would matter if there were one because the thread count on most masks being used are NOT sufficient to block viruses and they are being ILLEGALLY mandated). The cabal's degenerate sheep shield is their LAST defense against global mass arrest. They are desperately hiding behind them hoping that we will pity these degenerates and the EVIL that they are doing to GOOD people and innocent life...


The cabal is hiding behind their human (barely) sheep shield!

I have been prompted to write on this subject; and thus I am doing so.  This post concerns the problem of planetary liberation, which is FAR past overdue, and its connection to the cabal's degenerate sheep. They, of course, are the ONLY reason that planetary liberation has not happened yet. They are also, of course, the only reason that the demonic ET, planetary, quarantine was ever even possible to begin with as THEY are the ones who gave PERMISSION (and who are still giving it!) for the cabal to come here. One must only look around at all of the degenerates wearing masks (for no reason) to see the deplorable level of demonic complicity among the sheeple. Do not think for a moment that MOST of these animals are not aware that there is no pandemic. They are complying because they believe that the dark forces are STRONGER and thus that compliance will keep them "safe". Those who do actually believe that there is a pandemic are CLEARLY not evolved enough to be making decisions of any kind (at least none that affect others nor that of the direction of the planet). 

As I have stated in my last post UPDATE: 1177: The Cabal is attempting to create ANOTHER Dark Age to block positive ET contact and LIBERATION! (link) ; Earth is NOT a 3rd dimensional planet! THAT is the reason that Earth is ascending into the 5th dimension; because its currently in a FALLEN (demonic) 4th dimensional state! There are, in fact, no "third dimensional" planets! All planets are 4th dimensional, or above. The 4th dimension is the dimension of spirit (zero point). Since ALL things in this universe are of spirit; ALL planets are 4th dimensional (or above). The first three dimensions are simply the basic building blocks of the divine matrix hologram which allows source to TEMPORARILY experience separation from itself (while still being connected) within a functional, interactive framework. The first three dimensions correspond (within a 4th dimensional spiritual framework) with levels of consciousness that arise from 4th dimensional, undifferentiated elemental essence (spirit, zero point). The first three dimensional levels of consciousness are as follows:

1. Mineral mind (rocks, crystals etc.)

2. Plant mind

3. Animal mind!!! (does anyone doubt that animal's consciousness is 3D???)

And the 4th dimensional consciousness is HUMAN MIND! Human consciousness is NOT 3rd dimensional as humanity has been MASSIVELY MIS/DISinformed,to believe for millennia, by the cabal and their false light bearers! 

Why is it significant that 4th dimensional consciousness is human mind? Because it is at that level of spiritual consciousness that a soul becomes INDIVIDUATED ("I AM" presence). Before that point, in animal mind and below, the consciousness is part of a GROUP SOUL/MIND complex. The lower stages of spiritual development are PROTECTED by the higher dimensional being/s who created them and are the basis for that group's group soul/mind complex. Thus, in those stages it is NOT possible for demonic, vampiric races (who have taken the UNNATURAL spiritual path of DEVOLUTION/ disconnecting from source; which necessitates FEEDING off of other beings connected to source) to attack and to infiltrate those groups. BUT, it is possible for groups who are on the cusp of the animal kingdom/human kingdom to be infiltrated! THAT is what happened in the case of Earth. That is what has happened in ALL cases in which the cabal has attacked planets and put them into quarantine!

The cabal attacks planets which have a population that is not far out of the animal mind consciousness but has reached (barely) 4th dimensional human mind consciousness; thus having individuated spiritual consciousness which is available (by universal law) to enter into CONTRACT (in this case being TRICKED into it by demonic forces). Those beings then become sitting ducks; waiting to be preyed upon by the cabal during astronomical phases which allow dark forces to interact more directly with humans on that planet.

The TRUTH is that Earth humanity is primarily composed of EXTREMELY devolved spiritual beings who were not far removed from the animal kingdom at the time that the planet was put into quarantine. Since the planet was put into quarantine, Earth humanity has devolved back into the animal kingdom or 3rd dimensional animal mind consciousness (the agenda of the cabal; of course) and are only being called "human". The TRUTH about humanity is that is comes along with certain REQUISITE traits! Anyone familiar with, what is considered in the USA a "yiddish" term, the word "mensch" knows that its common definition is:

mensch mÄ•nsh

  • n.
    A person of integrity and honor.
  • n.
    Alternative spelling of mentch.
  • n.
    a decent responsible person with admirable characteristics

This definition is INCORRECT and implies that integrity and other related traits are somehow optional for one calling themselves human. The word mensch, in actuality, is a German word which simply means HUMAN! Its use in this way is actually referencing the spiritual movements which were taking place in the western world, but were centered in Germany, as the result of the industrial revolution which led to the "Belle Epoque". During that period (the turn of the last century) the forces of Light began working through incarnated starseeds (largely through incarnated Pleiadian starseeds who were given advanced spiritual, philosophical and SCIENTIFIC information) to elevate Earth humanity to proper 4th dimensional (non-fallen) HUMAN consciousness (a PREREQUISITE for ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness!) so that it could be contacted and LIBERATED by the Galactic Confederation!. The word mensch (human) is associated with integrity and honor as those traits are INHERENTLY a part of being HUMAN or being at a vibrational frequency which could be categorized as the state of human mind consciousness (with ALL the abilities that go along with that).  The Belle Epoque and the Industrial Revolution were, of course, INVERTED by the cabal and both world wars were the cabal's reaction to it; to BLOCK human evolution and planetary liberation!


from my post:

The TRUE connection between the Nazis and the AshkenNazis! (link)


"Final Assessment: So... The Great Depression AND World Wars 1 and 2 were all created by the cabal. The Rothschilds, who control the fraudulent world banking system, engineered the Great Depression as a trigger for World War 2 (sound familiar?). The Rothschilds funded BOTH SIDES of BOTH wars! The wars were created in response to the Industrial Revolution which occurred at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century!


The Industrial Revolution (link), of course, was inspired and assisted by the Forces of Light to bring Light to the world and to hasten our spiritual evolution and ASCENSION (just as now!). The technological boom of that era freed up the time of many people who then had more time to develop personally and SPIRITUALLY (of course, this process was ultimately INVERTED by the dark forces)! That is the reason for the AMAZING body of spiritual information, texts and teachers that came out of that era! Much of that information was forgotten by many (just as the cabal intended)  after the horrors of the wars and the resulting negativity and continuous creation (by the cabal) of FAKE "enemies" (the communists, the Islamic extremists etc.) but has been rediscovered recently!"


World War 2 was a PROXY WAR between Pleiadians and
Draco Reptilians (and their respective starseeds)!

Pleiadian Liberation and Ground Crew

Notice that the word "mensch" is used (at least the yiddish use of it in the USA) to mean someone who is a "good" person of moral integrity contrasting them with the "average" person. I've actually heard it used, many times, in a condescending way as if the person being called it was a sort of "goody-goody" who was overly "idealistic" and/or "unrealistic". That use of the word is NOT accurate and separates someone who is a "mensch" (and their moral character) from that which would be considered a "typical" human. Why is that the case when mensch is simply a German word which means human and nothing more? I'm not going to get into depth with this other than to say that the word "German" comes from the Latin word germane literally meaning RELATED. It does NOT mean "relevant" as some believe that it means (although it can be used that way). It has come to mean that (as it has been INTENTIONALLY dumbed down by the cabal to HIDE true human history). The term German was actually coined by the cabal during their rule of the satanic Roman Empire (which morphed into the Roman Catholic Church after the cabal dissolved the Roman Empire to create the DARK AGES; in response to the incarnation of Lord Sananda). The cabal referred to the people north of the satanic Roman Empire as german or RELATED. But HOW are these people related and in what way? They are RELATED to an avatar group genetically engineered by Pleiadian ETs during the phase(s) in which various ET groups were openly present on the Earth and were genetically manipulating Earth primates and existing (already manipulated by other ETs) human peoples to create new avatar groups. 

The German people, as an avatar group, represent certain benevolent  Pleiadian groups which are MOST RECENTLY connected to the creation of current Earth humanity. These Pleiadian ETs have VOWED to return to this planet (at the time of the coming of the Aquarian Age) to liberate it from the cabal! Thus, the cabal stationed their satanic minions HEAVILY in Germany (via their degenerate Khazar mafia/Draco Reptilians) who were infiltrated in the the fraudulent German "noble" families and who poured into that area as the "ashkenazim". As explained in my post: The TRUE connection between the Nazis and the AshkenNazis! (link) :

Dot 2) The Rothschilds are Ashkenazi "Jews". Ashkenazi's are actually NOT jews at all. They are remnants of the former Kingdom of Khazaria! The Khazarians are decendents of Turkic nomads and Mongals (as a result of mixing during the conquest of Ghenghis Khan). Within that group there is a healthy sprinkling of NEANDERTHAL lineage (a lesser evolved human lineage intimately connected to the cabal bloodline!) which allows for the convenient incarnation of demonic ETs and friends: ) 

"One of the biggest psychological blocks of the Cabal is their inferiority complex which they try to hide and mask with all that bragging about »bloodlines«. The inconvenient truth is that Cabal Khazar bloodlines originate from the primitive, crude, violent and less intelligent Neanderthal man, whereas the human masses evolved from more refined, balanced and more intelligent Cromagnon man:" 


The reason that Germany and the German people have been so heavily attacked and infiltrated by the cabal (through their filthy Draco Reptilian faction) is because when the benevolent Pleiadian ETs created their avatar group they, of course, created (as part of it) an ANGELIC BLOODLINE within that avatar which allows them to INCARNATE in human form via that bloodline! Thus, they have created GROUND CREW via this angelic bloodline. These incarnated Pleiadians of course, represent only a very small portion of humanity. The incarnated ground crew has been used to DIRECTLY ASSIST in the liberation of this planet. Major Pleiadian liberation operations (in conjunction with the Galactic Confederation) were in play during and as the result of the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the last century!

That explains the spiritual and technological boom that happened in Germany, and in central Europe in general, during that time and all the way through of the interwar period. It also explains the cabal's ATTACK on Germany (and also Poland) via their filthy Rothschild khazar (draco) agent Adolf Shicklgruber Rothschild "Hitler" (of course with the Jesuits [dark lord/fallen angel faction] pulling his puppet strings.


Please see my post: The Vatican masterminded "The Holocaust"; the largest satanic mass human sacrifice in history! (link)

Khazarians = AshkeNAZI = NAZI = Draco Reptilians (who are just below fallen angels/dark lords [jesuits] in the cabal's demonic hierarchy). The Draco Reptilians are the cabals demonic army that is in charge of fallen demonic technology and MATERIALISM. They have infiltrated human society largely starting in the middle ages via their human avatar group (khazar "jews").

From my post:  The TRUE connection between the Nazis and the AshkenNazis! (link) :


 So... Adolph Rothschild, excuse me... I mean "Hitler", then became the leader of the "Nazi" party: Ashken-NAZI that is (no coincidences here)! The Nazi party is simply a break-off faction of these same bottom feeding Khazarian bloodline satanist turds (They HIDE their filthy AGENTS within different groups to create POLARITY CONFLICTS/ DIVIDE AND CONQUER schemes to destroy humanity!!!). Hitler was simply their FAKE "villain" to create World War 2 to LOWER THE COLLECTIVE VIBRATION OF HUMANITY and to drive a LOT of Ashkenazis (aka Khazarian Dracos and hybrids) to the USA and what would fraudulently become Israel (and also the UK - the three headed dragon of the cabal!).

The Nazi slaughter of jews (including Ashekenizis, because the cabal are really some sick f*cks and everyone is expendable to them) would be their (the cabal's) vehicle for the creation of Israel, even though Ashkenazis/Khazarians aren't really semites, as it would MOTIVATE people [Ashkenazis who were accustomed to living in central Europe] to move to the mid east and also provide an "excuse"!

Notice how most US "jews" have GERMAN or eastern european (Ashkenazim/Draco Reptilian) last names! Now the cabal would have their "cut-outs" properly positioned (to be WORKED THROUGH) for their pathetic New World Order plan (happening now) which is FAILING!  Look at the USA; they control practically EVERYTHING and when you even mention them they scream ANTI-SEMITISM (and they control the FAKE mainstream media so it's effective) even though they are NOT even semitic!!! The truth about this is very complicated. This is just a basic overview.

Draco infection leaves Khazaria

Sirian Liberation and Groundcrew

The other main benevolent ET group that is most closely associated with the creation of humanity and with the liberation of the planet are the SIRIANS! They have created an avatar group within the TRUE hebrew people (among other groups; of course)! Within that avatar group; just as with the Pleiadians, the Sirians have created a positive angelic bloodline which allows them to incarnate into human form as GROUND CREW to directly assist with planetary liberation. This explains incarnated starseeds such as Moses and Emanuel. It also explains WHY the cabal infiltrated benevolent Hebrew spiritual teachings (given through incarnated Sirian starseeds) via their filthy khazar draco reptilian minions who INFILTRATED and INVERTED judaism and replaced the TRUE Hebrew people with their degenerate, satanic DRACO REPTILIAN minions! Notice that the two main benevolent ET groups most associated with planetary liberation, the Pleiadians and the Sirians, are also the groups who have had their assistance (and their spiritual/ technological contributions) MOST infiltrated/inverted by the cabal's filthy draco reptilian incarnates (via ashkeNAZI khazars/Nazis; which are the SAME group). This is NOT a coincidence!

The Veil
Earth is held in a DEMONIC QUARANTINE primarily in TWO ways! Number ONE  by way of DEMONIC "FALLEN" technology called THE VEIL! More about THE VEIL below!
1) The Veil
 The Yaldabaoth Plasma Entity
Number TWO, the black magic element of the quarantine is kept in place by the "Yaldabaoth" plasma entity which is literally a demonic fallen angel which has projected a part of itself into the plasma that surrounds Earth, negatively polarizing it. More on this below.
2) The Yaldabaoth

The Earth is part of the DEMONIC REALM!
To wrap this post up; the planet Earth is part of the DEMONIC REALM. It is a FALLEN 4th dimensional planet that is part of the upper demonic realm. The Earth is a necessary realm for the lower demonic realms which FEED on the negative energy that is provided by the Earth and its sheep. THAT is it's function. That is why the cabal MUST HAVE their degenerate sheep. They are VAMPIRIC; which means that they have separated from source and MUST feed on beings connected to source. The Earth became part of the demonic realm as the result of beings on the planet, who were not far removed from the animal kingdom, being TRICKED (by the cabal) into inviting them and their demonic quarantine. The cabal are weak, pathetic bullies who are at the ABSOLUTE BOTTOM of the spiritual hierarchy (and their next stop is first dimensional undifferentiated, elemental essence; a step UP for them)! They cannot compete against anything but the least evolved. Any evolved being who was present on Earth during the time that the cabal was putting it into quarantine either ascended out of the situation completely or was invited into the inner Earth Agartha civilizations; so that they could assist in planetary liberation indirectly without being forced to live in a zoo.
The only advanced/evolved beings on planet Earth at this time are the incarnated starseed ground troops and a very select group of Earth humans who have CONSCIOUSLY chosen to evolve beyond the majority.THAT is the situation on this planet. ALL Earth humans are FULLY responsible for their actions as well as inactions!  The true laws of the universe ALWAYS provide us protection against harm. Those doing harm and/or assisting directly and/or indirectly are FULLY subject to ALL of the forces of the universe which are in place to protect the rest of us. The cabal's degenerate sheep are in FULL violation of Universal Law; right along with the rest of the cabal! 

The sheep ARE cabal; they ALWAYS were!
The Galactic Confederation of Light (which is essentially the spiritual IMMUNE SYSTEM of this galaxy), and related higher dimensional forces of Light are COMPELLED to assist in any situation in which violations of law are occurring (no matter the circumstances). The Galactic Confederation is here to protect the planet Earthitself (and her innocent streams of life) as well as to protect benevolent starseeds and Earth humans who are aligned (by FREE WILL) with the laws of the universe! The Galactic Confederation is NOT here to shield people who choose to behave like degenerate animals and who are engaged in evil acts (and directly and indirectly ASSISTING EVIL) from receiving APPROPRIATE CONSEQUENCES in FULL accordance with Universal Law! The cabal would have you believe that the degenerate sheep are to be sympathized with and catered to. Of course; that is NOT true. They are to be made to answer for their decisions, whether positive or negative, like everyone else. The cabal's false matrix is a temporary means by which the cabal has been able to AVOID the laws of the universe acting on them (and on their minions).
It is time that we REMOVE the lid on this false matrix and allow the universe to properly consequence those doing evil. The sheep ARE cabal; they ALWAYS were. Just look at any one of these degenerate animals walking around with a mask for a pandemic that doesn't exist (not that it would matter if there were one because the thread count on most masks being used are NOT sufficient to block viruses and they are being ILLEGALLY mandated). The cabal's degenerate sheep shield is their LAST defense against global mass arrest. They are desperately hiding behind them hoping that we will pity these degenerates and the EVIL that they are doing to GOOD people and innocent life. What is key to understand here is that the will of the sheep can be OVERRIDDEN. The sheep, as agents of the cabal, are ALSO in DIRECT VIOLATION of GALACTIC CONFEDERATION TREATY as well as of UNIVERSAL LAW! As such, they can be IMMEDIATELY INVOKED AGAINST and will be dealt with in FULL accordance with law! Their cabal hijacked "free will" will NO LONGER be allowed to act as "permission" and/or "agreement" for the cabal to remain on this planet!!! It is time that we remove the cabal's sheep shield. Let's REMOVE IT! INVOKE AGAINST THE CABAL AND THEIR DEGENERATE SHEEP!

          He came as the lamb...

...but returned as the Lion.

More to come,
D. Slayer

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